Phone (03) 9794 0759 (Please contact during 11.00 AM-1.00 PM & 6.00 PM-8.00 PM)
Email [email protected]
[email protected]

“All activities of Nisala Arana – International Centre of Peace and Happiness Inc are held at Chisholm Institute of TAFE, ?Y? Building, No. 121 Stud Road, Dandenong, VIC 3175 (Melway Reference: 90F4)”

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  1. Dear friends, i’m a studious and a lay italian practitioner of Theravada. i’m writing a book about the revival of theravada nuns’ order. so i’d be grateful to have a contact with you and may be to meet you in your monastery on january in sri lanka. let me please ask you something: is nisala arana in sri lanka e forest tradition monastery for nuns and lay women? ven bodhicitta is living there?

    waiting for your answer and informations best wishes. marcella sansoni- rome 00152- via ambrogio traversari 96- mob 335 786 3233

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