Biography of Bodhicitta Meheninwahansa

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Of all the religions of the world, Buddhism is the religion that is not in conflict with other religions or even modern science. It teaches us how to live in harmony with one self as well as others. “United, we stand; divided we fall”.

Thus this is the only way to bring peace and happiness into a nation and even to the world at large..

Ven. Bodhicitta

Venerable Bodhicitta Meheninwahansa is a Sri Lankan Theravada Buddhist nun based in Melbourne. Ven Bodhicitta is the Spiritual Director of International Centre for Inner Peace and Happiness Inc in Victoria, Abbot of Nisala Arana Buddhist monastery in Agalawatta, Sri Lanka, the Buddhist Chaplain at RMIT University, Melbourne. She has conducted numerous meditation retreats, Lecturers, Dhamma talks and discussions in Australia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. She is a renowned meditation teacher with over 25 years of experience.
Ven. Bodhicitta was born on 1974 in western province of Sri Lanka. She studied in Musaeus girls College and Devi Balika in Sri Lanka and entered Monash University, Australia for further studies. Her path of secular higher studies in medicine saw her graduated in Bio Medicine from Monash University in 2004. She practiced meditation from her childhood and however her career as a medical scientist in Australia met a surprising turn of events when the Dhamma set her view of life in a different paradigm. Thus began her homelessness a clear and meaningful path of full-time commitment to spiritual endeavour.
In 2007, Ven. Bodhicitta was ordained in Buddhagaya, India as a Samaeri at the age of thirty-three by Ven. Palawatte Seevali Thera. In 2010, Venerable received her Upasampada in Sri Lanka under the tutelage of Ven. Dr. M. Punnaji Maha Thera, Ven.. Dr. Bhikkhu Kusum and several Senior Sangha members in Sri Lanka.
Ven. Bodhicittas main focus is to practice and actualize the Buddha’s teachings. She aspires to be a practicing Bodhicitta and firmly believes that it is only through the Buddha’s teachings that one will be able to overcome the emotional afflictions the world over is experiencing today.
Ven. Bodhicitta is the founder and the Spiritual Director of the International Centre for Inner Peace and Happiness Inc in Victoria, a first by a Sri Lankan Theravada Bhikkhui. She has also founded the Nisala Arana Nuns Forest Monastery and retreat Centre in Sri Lanka.


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  1. Ven. Bodhichitta
    can you please explain why the element of heat is not a chemical like other three elements namely ; extention,motion and air?

    1. Theruwan Saranai,

      Heat is when the atoms are in motion. “Pathavi” means when the bonds between the atoms are very strong, “Apo” means when the bonds are bit weak and “Vayo” means they are really loose and it`s in gas state. “Thejo” means, heat gets when atoms are in motion.

      May you be well and happy,

      Ven. Bodhicitta.

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