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Outstanding experience I received in my life journey


Ven.Bikkhuni Kusuma’s Dhamma talk – 29nd June2013

Ven.Kusuma-02 Ven.Kusuma-01
Ven.Kusuma-03 Ven.Kusuma-04

An invaluable dhamma discussion was held by Ven.Bikkhuni Kusuma in simple terms so that everybody could understand easily. Many of the participants were benefited with lots of dhamma knowledge to their lives. As Bikkhuni is at 80’s and after having a morning session too, she was very tired and we appreciate her effort to deliver a successful event. We wish her live longer and may attain all courage to success her future events locally and internationally. Thank you very much for the participants.

-Nisala Arana Exco

Saturday Meditation and Master Chi KwangSunim’s Dhamma talk – 02nd February2013

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IMG_2363 IMG_2361 IMG_2359

As an added event,Ven Bodhicitta kindly invited Master Chi Kwang Sunim to deliver a special Dhamma talk at Nisala Arana Saturday meditation program on 02nd February 2013 at Chislom Institute of TAFE, Dandenong. The Mastertalkedabout her experience and the way she faced ‘Black Saturday’bush-fireon 07th February2009. Venerable explained how she gained theabilityto remain calm in themidstofsucha calamity and madepromptdecisionsthat saved her life and others. Zen Master alsoemphasizedtheimportanceof meditation and how the meditation can help us to calm our minds anddevelopour good side andintelligence that helps us to be a better person.

Master has taught meditation to Ven Bodhicitta when Venerable was a young girl. Ven Bodhicitta was so happy to have one of her teachers visiting us andguidingus. Master was so kind to extend her stay with us and we were so lucky to have this well known Meditation Master all for our selves. Nisala AranadevoteesreallyappreciatedMasters presence and look forward to have her at Chisholm in the near future.

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